Sunday, March 12, 2006

Taiwan, a democratic country of freedom

Everyone can tell the difference between Taiwan and China. Taiwan is definitely not a part of China. Taiwan is obviously an independent country.


By Debby Wu, CNA

2006-03-10 23:49:48

Republic of Nauru President Ludwig Scotty Friday praised Taiwan for its freedom, and blamed the interruption in the Nauru-Taiwan official ties on his predecessor.

Scotty praised Taiwan's freedom by pointing out that Taiwanese people have freedom of speech and movement, and said he felt happy and comfortable coming here.

He compared the visit to his previous visit to China, and said wherever he went in China, people were always dispelled away from the streets first, while here in Taiwan children ran freely around him when he visited the Taipei 101 tower this time.

Scotty made the statement during an interview with the Central News Agency.

Scotty pointed out that it was former Nauru government which severed ties with Taiwan. "All of a sudden, when the Harris government took over, they changed the relationship. It was not agreed by the people of Nauru, " Scotty said. Scotty also accused the Harris government of corruption, and said now they are trying to correct the mistakes made by the Harris government, including renewing Nauru's friendship with Taiwan. Rene Harris was the Nauru President before Scotty took over in 2004.

Scotty pointed out that Nauru and Taiwan's friendship started from the time when Nauru was striving for its independence in 1968. He said Taiwan was still a member of the United Nations back then and supported Nauru fully to achieve independence.

Scotty admitted that China gave his government financial aid when it first came into power as it was left with no money to run the country. But he said that Nauru treasures friendship with Taiwan, and did not resume ties for the money factor.

When asked about Taiwan's assistance to Nauru, Scotty said that Nauru is only asking "a hand of friendship, " not "heaven, " out of Taiwan. He also said Nauru will support Taiwan to join global community and organizations.

Scotty arrived in Taiwan Monday to conduct his first state visit to Taiwan since two sides resumed official ties in May, 2005. He is leaving Saturday.


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