Saturday, March 11, 2006

Politics (or maybe China) rules WHO?

When will UN's organizations (including itself) start to pay more sincere cares to human life instead of playing political games? Does WHO agree and have the same attitude as China roared to Taiwan, "Who cares about you?" Is the international community complying with the autarchical communist China? Or they simply do not care about the 23 million people in Taiwan?


2006-03-09 23:16:44
[Source: CNA]

The World Health Organization's (WHO's) inclusion of Taiwan on a list of countries affected by the virulent H5N1 avian flu virus is "unacceptable, " Minister of Foreign Affairs Huang Chih-fang said Thursday.

Huang said Taiwan's representative office in Geneva has lodged a written protest to the WHO Secretariat demanding that it correct the "grave mistake" immediately.

The WHO uses four maps to illustrate the situation of H5N1 infections among poultry and humans. Taiwan has not reported H5N1 cases among either poultry or humans.

However, under its rigid "one China" principle, the WHO regards Taiwan as a province of China where both poultry and human avian flu cases have been reported.

The WHO argued that it identifies the avian flu situation in terms of "nation" and that Taiwan is therefore included on the H5N1-affected area. "Such an explanation is unacceptable. We demand that the WHO correct its mistake at once," Huang said.

Stressing that the WHO's move was based on an absurd logic, the Department of Health said it has written to the WHO headquarters and the WHO's West Pacific agency demanding them to either issue a statement or add a footnote on the map to clarify that Taiwan has never reported any H5N1 case either among poultry or humans.


Blogger Vincent said...

As you can see in WHO's website, it ignorantly marks Taiwan as an H5N1 affected country. Please click here to protest WHO's insanity. Here is what I wrote:

Taiwan is clearly not an H5N1 affected country, if you do receive correct information. Such an ignorant mistake always appears in WHO's reports. Is WHO ruled by politics or China so that you decide to make a lie and cheat the people in the world? Do you even agree China's roar to Taiwan "Who cares about you?" Do you people in WHO care about politics more than the lives of 23 millions people in Taiwan? What is the reason for the existence of WHO? Are you working to create political issue or improve human health? Please be fair, and show some repsects to the people in Taiwan as well in this world. At least show some repsect to your profession.

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