Friday, March 10, 2006

Taiwan remains the world's leading country in bicycle industry

Not only in IT industry, Taiwan is also the world's leader in bicycle industry. Giant, the biggest brand in the world, is proudly from Taiwan. Taiwan's contributions to the world are much more than those of China. Why not be a friend of Taiwan?

Taiwan Show Highlights High-End Bicycles

Taiwan International Cycle Show Highlights High-End Bicycles, Scooters

Thursday March 9, 4:35 am ET
[Source: AP]

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) -- The annual Taipei International Cycle Show showcased scooters and other high-end products Thursday intended to sustain Taiwan's bicycle industry.

The March 8-11 show -- Asia's largest -- focuses on bicyles but also includes scooters and related items.

Once a world leader, the Taiwan cycle sector crashed in 2001, as exports plummeted almost 30 percent from the previous year.

A recovery began in 2004, and at $912 million, last year's foreign sales surpassed those of the previous peak year in 2000 by almost $40 million.

Jeffrey Sheu of Giant Inc., Taiwan's largest bicycle manufacturer, said the local industry was keeping competitive in the face of stern challenges from China and other low-end producers.
"Taiwan has now transformed itself into an added value industry in bikes," he said.

The Taipei show -- with 502 Taiwanese exhibitors and 148 from abroad -- featured a variety of high-end products designed to direct large amounts of foreign currency into local coffers, even if the overall number of units sold abroad declines.

One new product was Acxing Industrial's 20 kilogram (44 pound) portable motor scooter.
Officials of the Taipei-based company said the scooter folds up into a suitcase size package, making it ideal for carrying on mass transit vehicles during multiphase commutes.

They said an internal battery could sustain it for distances of 20 miles at maximum speeds of 20 kmh. They declined to stipulate a price tag, because the item has not yet been mass produced.
Foreign visitors said they were very impressed by the wares on display at the Taipei event.

"This is a very important show," said Daniel Berger of DT Swiss in Biel, Switzerland. "The development of this show is huge."

Berger added that he has been coming to the Taipei event for 10 years, and it has now evolved into one of the most important shows in its field.


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